Design & Construction Services

Design Phase:
  • Work with Owner and Architect to provide base project budget and schedule for Owner’s approval
  • Provide cost saving alternatives
  • Provide guidance to the Owner and Architect to manage the project through the design phase to stay on budget
  • Review plans through design phase providing updated budgets
  • Upon completion of architectural and engineering plans:
  • Prepare subcontractor bid list for Owner’s approval incorporating Emergent recommended and Owner suggested subcontractors for bidding (three to five bidders in each category of work)
  • Tabulate bids for Owner’s review and approval of low/successful subcontractor
  • Finalize project price and write contract
  • Prepare construction schedule
  • Obtain building permit
Construction Phase:
  • Full-time, onsite Superintendent
  • Third-time Project Manager
  • Weekly meetings with subcontractors to coordinate project
  • Monthly status reports emailed to Owner
  • Quality Control
  • Safety Program
  • Obtain submittals for approval
  • Project accounting
  • Provide Lien Waivers

Project Warranty:
  • Provide record set of drawings
  • Provide maintenance schedule of equipment
  • Warrantee all work for one year from the date of substantial completion