Program Management

One Stop Shop
  • Single Source Responsibility (Concept to Move-in)
  • Eliminates Risk of Adversarial Relationships
  • Eliminates Gaps and Overlaps
  • Protects Owner from Changes and Delays
  • Allows Owner to Focus Internally
Cost Savings
  • Prevents Redundant Services
  • Selective Scoping
  • Preferential Pricing
  • Establishes Quality Relationships
  • Shorter Schedules Save Money

Schedule / Cost Accountability
  • Cost and Design are Worked Together
  • Cost Controlling
  • Early Cost Determination
  • Minimize or Eliminate Document Redraws
  • Accelerated Fast-Track Schedules
  • Protects Owner with Fixed Costs
Leverage of Facilities Management
  • Outsourcing of Services
  • Consistency in Project Control
  • Consistent Status Reporting
  • Large Base of Experienced Professionals
  • Proven Track Record of Success