Rudy’s Tortillas

Emergent provided design and construction management services to Rudy’s Tortillas for a new 248,000 SF, state-of-the-art tortilla processing plant in Carrollton, Texas.

The facility has state-of-the-art, PLC-controlled, process lines to meet strict FDA guidelines and Q/C recipe requirements. Attention to equipment design is focused to unique easy line sanitation to meet AIB (bakery) requirements. Employee safety is addressed throughout the equipment design to protect the employees. Employee comfort was addressed by providing cooling for machine operators in the kitchen and air conditioning in the packaging room. Rudy’s employees are treated with sunlit welfare areas for breaks, lunches and locker space. The packaging room walls and ceilings are constructed of white insulated metal panels that are microbial resistant with wash-down capabilities.

Currently the new plant is able to process 150,000 pounds of raw corn, 100,000 pounds of corn flour, and 50,000 pounds of wheat flour per day. This new plant houses 11 corn lines, three press flour lines, two chip fry lines, and one taco and chalupa line. The plant operates five days per week and most equipment runs three shifts. With these 18 processing lines in place Rudy’s still has room in the production plant for an additional 18 lines. This will allow Rudy’s to double their throughput in the same floor space. The new plant also required additional silo storage so Rudy’s added eight silos. This silo farm is rail served. Each rail car delivers 180,000 pounds of material. Rudy’s silos can hold almost two million pounds of corn and flour at any time. In order to steam cook 150,000 pounds of corn each day, the Rudy’s plant required a dual boiler and a waste water plant specially designed to rid the cooked corn water of solids and stabilize the water to a neutral pH before returning the water to the municipality.

Green construction methods were used with the recycle of concrete and fill dirt that was removed during demolition of the holding freezer for re-use with the construction of the silo foundation pad. Waste water treatment systems include screening and application of polyelectrolytes and microbubble dissolved air flotation to remove corn and flour particles from the wastewater for bi-product recovery as animal feed.

Evaporator coils in the cooler/freezer and in the packaging areas were selected with adequate coil spacing to allow proper sanitation to eliminate risk of mold growth on coil surfaces.

Rudy’s Tortillas is a third generation family-owned and operated tortilla manufacturer located in Carrollton, Texas. Rudy’s three principles are Rudy Jr, Louis and a Joe Guerra. Each manages a different part of the business – Operations, Finance, and Sales. The newest plant which opened in 2014 employs 460 dedicated employees. Rudy’s manufactures for national and regional Mexican and American chain restaurants. They also export to five countries.

With the help and guidance of Emergent Construction Technologies, the Guerras are building for the future now, carrying on their family tradition.